Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Still Trust John Piper More Than Rob Bell

This is also overdue…but still pertinent…

You’re right; perhaps John Piper made a mistake with his now infamous tweet.

However, until, if ever, Piper comes out and specifically indicates why he tweeted what he tweeted, we will never know the true substance and purpose behind his tweet.  Although we can know the general purpose behind why Piper uses Twitter.

With that said, I still find a proclivity within myself to trust John Piper, despite his potentially flagrant “sin”, more than Rob Bell. 


Three reasons:

  1. Although Piper might have had a lack of judgment, let us not forget that we are all sinners (Rom. 3:23), which does not preclude those within popular ministries.
  2. Despite the fact that Piper is a sinner, and that his tweet might have been uncalled for, I agree with his apparent concern regarding the path Bell is choosing to take.
  3. Based on Bell’s latest monograph, it is quite evident that Piper’s skill in exegesis, history and logic is quite superior to Bell’s.
So I ask, what is the greater sin?  A momentary lack of judgment?  Or bad exegesis that dishonors God and leads others astray?

I suppose that is your decision to make.

My review of Bell's Love Wins can be found here.

Resources by John Piper can be found here.

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