Monday, August 22, 2011

A Happy Hiatus

This is an announcement for the masses…or, at least the 10 people that read this blog…

I am going on a blog writing hiatus.

And although it would appear that I am going on hiatus far too early into my blogging career, at this time, it seems to be the most appropriate course of action. 


The life events that are leading me into this hiatus are good life events!

For instance, I am developing and teaching courses this fall semester (and, frankly, I am behind in my studies).

Also (and this is the primary reason for the hiatus), I have been afforded the distinguished honor and pleasure to begin working as a research assistant for Dr. Preston Sprinkle.

The various scholarly and literary pursuits in which I will now be involved will take up much of my time.

Attempting to forecast the completion of this hiatus is difficult.  And, although I do still plan on providing the bi-weekly “Take a Moment…” blogs, it does not appear that any additional substantive material will be provided.

To be sure, I still have some ideas mulling around in my head regarding certain blog series (i.e. homosexuality and inclusivism), which I do plan on addressing when I return.

My hope and prayer is that God has used this blog to benefit your walk with Jesus Christ, and that you will continue to be blessed by it until, and certainly after, I return.

Because of His grace and for His glory…

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ryan Graham is Called

Last night I went to see my dear friend, Ryan Graham, play a show with his band, Good Luck Varsity, after being on tour for about two months.  In fact, they were able to bring the entire tour with them back home, which was fun to see them interact with the brothers they had made during these last two months (to certainly include my opportunity to enjoy a really good metal-core band!).

Now, I’m getting old.  I don’t particularly enjoy going to shows very often (perhaps it’s too “scene” for me now), and if I do make it out to a show, I generally try to stay as far away from the “mosh pit” (or whatever it’s called these days) as possible.  However, it’s not only my age that keeps me out of the “mosh pit”, but, rather, I enjoy watching the bands play and express their passion through music by the various antics performed while on stage (metal-core bands certainly have some of the most entertaining antics!).

I’ll come back to this in a minute…

I’ve heard before that a “calling”, in regards to ministry, can be broken down into three parts:

  1. You have a passion to do something;
  2. You have an opportunity to do that something; and
  3. You have been affirmed in your doing of that something.

This breakdown of what it means to be “called” has been personally helpful, as I’ve considered my future and what it means to be “called” to teach, write, and disciple.

Now, back to last night…

As I stood near the back corner of the room watching Ryan play, I suddenly felt deep gladness in my heart, because he is following his “calling”.  Now, most people will grumble and complain that those who play in bands need to “grow up, get a job, and become a man”, and although I believe that might be an eventual necessity (it’s what I had to do), it is, nonetheless, encouraging for me to see Ryan presently pursuing what he feels “called” to do (for he certainly has the passion, opportunity, and affirmation of what he is doing).

Please hear what I’m not saying: Not everyone who simply has a passion for music should immediately quit his or her job and start touring.  Instead let this be an opportunity for pause, wherein we might contemplate what it means to be “called” in our own lives.  May we consider the above three requirements and see where we are in relation to living out our “calling” in relation to the ministry of Jesus.

I’m happy for Ryan; I’m happy for his ministry; and, I’m happy that he is honoring God in his ministry.