Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take a Chill Pill...

So much mayhem has happened recently due to Mark Driscoll’s facebook post regarding effeminate worship pastors…

Rachel Held Evans' blog response has gone viral, and now World Magazine has responded to her response. Although I personally would not have suggested that Driscoll make such a comment public, I also, in partial agreement with World Magazine, don’t think that those, namely Evans and her various supporters, have treated Mark fairly – as concerned as they are with him treating others lovingly and fairly.

Perhaps, instead of attacking people (wherein we are often employing the old saying of "the pot calling the kettle black"), regardless of which side you are on, we could, instead, espouse a bit of biblical acumen and leave our attacks to shoddy exegesis and diluted philosophy rather than character?

Remember, we are all fallen.  We all make mistakes.  Some of us just have grander stages for which to make these mistakes.

In other words…

Take a chill pill.

**EDIT: Driscoll has published a short article, perhaps in response to this whole situation.  I wonder if Rachel Held Evans will do the same.

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