Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Reflections at 30

My 30th birthday was a few weeks ago, and, although I am a bit late with this, I thought I would offer 30 reflections:

  1. Jesus is King.
  2. Marry up. I did.
  3. I love being a father. Love.
  4. I would rather watch major sporting events from my chair than the stadium/arena/etc.
  5. I am far too sinful.
  6. God is far too gracious to me.
  7. The New Testament ought to be read from a 1st century cultural background, not a 21st century American background.
  8. Life is short.
  9. Death is certain.
  10. Music is medicine for the soul.
  11. I need to be less selfish.
  12. I need to spend less time on Facebook, and more time face-to-face.
  13. God is sovereign over the smallest cancer cells and the largest supernovas.
  14. Education is important.
  15. I look better with a beard.
  16. As much as I have wanted to be (and tried to be) a musician for the first 30 years of my life, I now realize that I am not a musician, and I am ok with that.
  17. There is no absolute way to prove Christian theism; however, there is also no absolute way to disprove Christian theism. It is about cumulative plausibility.
  18. I hope to spend the remainder of my years teaching, writing, and discipling.
  19. I am finally comfortable in my own skin.
  20. Family is important.
  21. God is good.
  22. Money is the root of evil.
  23. Ask questions.
  24. Do not be afraid to doubt.
  25. Be humble.
  26. Do not be afraid to admit that you are wrong.
  27. The more I learn, the more I realize I do not know.
  28. The flavor vanilla is under-appreciated.
  29. Thinking rightly matters.
  30. Jesus is King.

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