Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving Day

Writing is therapeutic; a creative-outlet. Almost two years have passed since I began blogging at Post Tenebras Lux. It’s provided an avenue to think out loud and in community about pretty much anything and everything, but mainly about biblical and theological studies. I’m grateful for this opportunity. I’m grateful for those who’ve participated with me.

I haven’t blogged much recently. In part, my time was needed for other things, which did not allow for concerted time to think and write. In part, I had writer’s block – even though there were myriad issues to think and write on, I just wasn’t able to put words on the screen. In part, I was concerned for my own soul, namely that I was blogging for my own self-aggrandizement. I’m often convinced my hiatus was due to the latter…

With that said, I’ve decided to move my blog.

Not to Patheos or The Gospel Coalition; to something better.

My blog is moving to my church’s website!

The other elders of Redeemer Community Church have agreed to give me a platform to minister to our church family (and, perhaps, a few from outside our church) through writing. I’m excited about this opportunity because my desire is to be connected to the local church. My iPod houses an interview with N. T. Wright, wherein he discusses his early life in ministry and scholarship. He mentions that someone once told him he would have to choose between ministry and scholarship – one or the other. You can’t have both…

Of course Wright considered that rubbish and has gone on to be both a minster and scholar. I hope to follow, albeit minimally, in his footsteps. That is, regardless of where my academic pursuits lead, I want to remain connected to the local church; to bring scholarship to the pastorate; to think pastorally about scholarship.

So, as best I can, I’m going to try and think scholarly and write pastorally. In addition to my own thoughts, I will also try to continue gathering helpful resources (e.g., blogs, articles, book reviews, etc.) and inform you of them via my bi-weekly Take a Moment…

I hope this ministry has blessed you.

It has blessed me.

Pressing on…

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